I heard from some one that NIFA is an acronym for Noteworthy Investments Financial Advisor?

Good question, long story short, Nifa is a person's name, it is my name :) .  Somewhat one of my creative customers coined this acronym and I am glad that this name  has become very catchy and apt brand.

With so many variety of products, Banks in Investments industry, I am as clear as mud on what to ch

This is a very common dilemma which many consumers face like you. Don't worry, I am here to guide you on what will be the best bet investments  package for you based on your profile, risk appetite etc.,  pick up your phone &   Call me now (416) 930-4246 ..meanwhile,  pls check this out :

Mutual funds vs Segregated - lots of questions I got, Can you direct me to a blog ?

Sure, check our , better  Call me  now (416) 930-4246  for a no-obligation consultation.

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